About EK

About Roy

After departing from his life on the road as a member of the Grammy-nominated rock band Mutemath, Roy decided to dive deep into a small project of kids’ music he had been working on since 2013.

One day while home off the road, he heard a song his five-year-old son was watching on YouTube, and inspiration struck. However, Roy wanted to create his own brand of children’s music and that same day, came up with a fun electronic track for his son to sing on.

Later that night, his son who was in Kindergarten and just learning his ABCs, went to the studio to sing over the track and the first Elektro Kids song was born.

As of 2018, Roy and his good friend Adam Wirdzek launched Elektro Kids, LLC and have been providing quality educational and entertaining content with a modern twist.

Roy has three kids and writes songs frequently with all of them.

About Adam

Adam is a musician at his core, and father of two kids who also love music. It only makes sense that he and Roy would team up for such a family-oriented project.

The two toured the world as members of former EMI band, Earthsuit, and have found their friendship and collective aspirations to only grow from there.

Along with other joint ventures, Adam began crafting animated music videos to go along with the songs Roy had been writing with his kids.

Adam’s more than 20 years as a video and multimedia producer has equipped him to produce broadcast quality animated videos for the YouTube channel.

The two share a vision of producing catchy, modern music with entertaining, educational videos to help children learn and grow.

All this being done right in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee.

About the Channel

Elektro Kids is dedicated to educating, entertaining, and inspiring children and adults around the world.

We create catchy music and fun videos to teach English, Spanish, and ASL.

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