Most people agree that MUSIC is one of the best ways to learn a new language and memorize just about anything. When I was a kid, I could memorize hundreds of song lyrics from my favorite bands like The Cure, New Order, The Smiths, etc. And whenever I hear those songs today, I can recite all the lyrics! I’m sure the same thing happens to you. Music has the power to make people learn new things and retain it!

When put to melody, things just stick. I think it’s because a song causes the brain to think from various angles, using many facilities all at once, like hearing the melody, vocalizing the lyrics, obtaining a certain feeling you get from the music, etc.

When I became a father, I noticed how my kids picked up on things so quickly that were put into song. So, I started making these little melodies to communicate things with them and teach them all sorts of stuff, from helping clean up around the house to learning the numbers in Spanish.

Elektro Kids videos are just an extension of that idea. The idea that MUSIC is a powerful teaching tool. EK songs and videos have helped early learners with English, Spanish, and ASL basics but they can truly help kids of all ages. We hope that you are inspired to share our videos with friends and family who want to learn! Thanks! Gracias!