Having a mission-driven life is the key to being successful. It fuels creators and makes “work” be something one would be doing even when no one is paying. When I see my kids and other kids watch this “Colors” song video, sing along with it, and most importantly, learn something new, I know that I’m achieving my mission to educate kids in a fun and energetic way.

Elektro Kids videos are “humanity positive”. Yes. At its base, it is just a simple bilingual song about the common colors, but I like to go beyond that by seeing it as an outreach of to multiple cultures.

Language has the power to create new things that we haven’t seen before as humans. When kids learn a new way to say the color blue in a new, unknown language (e.g., “azul” in Spanish), it creates a new reality in their perception of the world. A simple color. A simple song. A catchy song that will jog memory to learn for a sustainable time something from a new culture and language.


This is the mission of Elektro Kids: to educate kids with music in fun and positive ways about as many cultures as possible. It follows then that Elektro Kids will eventually branch out to more languages and subjects as it grows. Please share Elektro Kids videos and comment on how these videos are impacting your kids.